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Dune Generations Press Release:

Cryonetworks announces the November 2001 launch of

a 100% online strategy game played on Frank Herbert's cult world

DUNE, one of the pillars of science fiction...
A world so famous that it has been kept alive by thousands of fans all across the world, and for several generations now...
This is the universe of DUNE GENERATIONS, the first permanent, mega multi-player world based on the mini-series by Beta Film GmbH, which was inspired by Frank Herbert's masterpiece.

Players will join the action of a true epic, unfolding in 3D, real-time on a planetary and interplanetary scale. First, they will be entrusted with the running of both a family, or House, and a planet. Houses can belong to the warrior, mercenary or trader class, each consisting of a leader, various family members and specialist companions such as the Mentat or Master-at-Arms, who all contribute their own expertise and powers. Selection of the family influences the direction and future strategies of the game.

Using this as raw material, the players' first mission will be to build up their human and economic resources by trading, fighting, forming alliances or conducting expeditions: anything to further the development of their own House and ensure the survival of their dynasty.

In the teeth of thousands of adversaries, each player must accumulate prestige points by either making use of available resources or pooling them. The eventual goal: to become one of the most powerful beings in the universe. But alliances with other players will prove essential to accomplish missions sponsored by other Houses or by computer-generated characters.

To dominate, to develop diplomatic or political relationships, compete with the best and become one of the most influential Houses in the universe... these are the goals of the players, for whom the ultimate reward is control of the desert planet, Arrakis, where the precious Spice is produced. This is granted to the best player for a period of time decided by the Emperor. But because harvesting the Spice adds considerably to a House's profits, this business can attract the envy of all the other players and, what's more, it presents the House with the problem of living side by side with a strange race: the Fremens...

Combining action, strategy and diplomacy, Dune Generations is a game which will satisfy expert tacticians and negociators, just as much as lovers of science fiction and high drama. Inspired by Frank Herbert's universe, Dune Generations will definitely exceed their wildest expectations.

The battle for supremacy is planned to start in November 2001 on PC
Discover the universe and the first images of the game on the site right now

» www.dunegenerations.com «

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