The FED2k Ladder works with the XWIS server created by Olaf van der Spek.

If you are playing on the XWIS server all you need to do is run this config tool once and Emperor will automatically log you into the new server and your game reports are sent automatically to the ladder.

Rules & Settings

Since QM is not the easiest or fastest way to get a game we also allow you to play custom games and have them recorded on the ladder, however the following settings must be followed:

  • 2 players only
  • 6000 starting credits
  • 5 starting units
  • pre-built base on
  • game lasts longer then 1 minute

You can only play 5 games against the same person per month. Any games after the first 5 will not factor into your points for the month.

Playing on XWIS

  1. XWIS is a fan created server that emulates WOL and also has extra features like chat enabled and clans.
  2. To play on this server all you need to do is run this config tool.
  3. Games played on XWIS are automatically reported to our ladder and no other configuration is necessary.

Server IP's

There are two servers you can use:

Extra Help

If you have any problems with the ladder please post in our Emperor board or read this topic about the current status of the ladder.

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