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This is a fairly complete listing of Dune related merchandise. Products are linked to Amazon.com but you should be able to find these at other online stores as well as local stores. Let us know if you have any other products that we may have missed. All prices are taken directly from Amazon.com which may cause slow load times.

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» Emperor: Battle for Dune PC - n/a
» Emperor: Battle for Dune Strategy Guide - n/a

Emperor returns gamers to Dune, land of sand, home of the spice and the first real-time strategy title. This all-new game presents the Dune universe in full 3-D. As in the classic Dune 2, players can command three unique political houses: noble Atreides, evil Harkonnen, and insidious Ordos. Five powerful subgroups add to the volatile political climate. There are four game worlds to battle on, and players can choose large-scale strategic advances or ground-level tactics. Gamers can wage war online both head-to-head and cooperatively.

» Frank Herbert's Dune PC - n/a

Based on the Frank Herbert novel, Dune conforms closely to the original universe of the book and offers an authentic Arrakis experience. You play as Paul Atreides, who, along with his mother, has taken refuge among an ancient nomadic tribe called the Fremens. Paul must earn the trust of his hosts and demonstrate his courage and prowess so he can eventually gain recognition as the messiah of Dune. You will encounter spies, intrigue, and assassination attempts along the way. Your best weapons are infiltration and cunning as you attempt to take back the planet and avenge your family.

» Dune 2000 PC - n/a
» Dune 2000 PlayStation - n/a
» Dune 2000 Strategy Guide - n/a

The amazing universe of Dune comes alive once again in epic solo adventures or multiplayer conquest. Dune 2000, based on the classic DOS game Dune II, is now remastered for the new millennium with completely revised graphics, a new easy-to-use game interface, and refined missions and maps. LAN and Internet multiplayer capability is supported.

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