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This is a fairly complete listing of Dune related merchandise. Products are linked to Amazon.com but you should be able to find these at other online stores as well as local stores. Let us know if you have any other products that we may have missed. All prices are taken directly from Amazon.com which may cause slow load times.

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Legends of Dune Novels

» The Butlerian Jihad Hardcover - n/a
» The Butlerian Jihad Paperback - n/a
» The Butlerian Jihad Audio CD - n/a
» The Butlerian Jihad Audio Download - n/a
» The Butlerian Jihad Audio Cassette - n/a

Ten thousand years before the events of Dune, humans have managed to battle the remorseless Machines to a standstill . . . but victory may be short-lived. Yet amid shortsighted squabbling between nobles, new leaders have begun to emerge. Among them are Xavier Harkonnen, military leader of the Planet of Salusa Secundus; Xavier's fiance, Serena Butler, an activist who will become the unwilling leader of millions; and Tio Holtzman, the scientist struggling to devise a weapon that will help the human cause. Against the brute efficiency of their adversaries, these leaders and the human race have only imagination, compassion, and the capacity for love. It will have to be enough.

» The Machine Crusade Hardcover - n/a
» The Machine Crusade Paperback - n/a
» The Machine Crusade Audio CD - n/a
» The Machine Crusade Audio Download - n/a
» The Machine Crusade Audio Cassette - n/a

The struggle against thinking robots has ground on for years, the forces led by Serena Butler have made only slight gains, and the human worlds grow weary of war. The fearsome Cymeks hatch new plots to regain their lost power from Omnius. The warriors of Ginaz forge themselves into an elite warrior class. Aurelius Venport and Norma Cenva are on the verge of the most important discovery in human history—a way to "fold" space and travel instantaneously to any place in the galaxy. And on the remote, nearly worthless planet of Arrakis, Selim Wormrider and his band of outlaws take the first steps toward making themselves the feared fighters who will change the course of history: the Fremen.

» The Battle of Corrin Hardcover - n/a
» The Battle of Corrin Audio CD - n/a
» The Battle of Corrin Audio Cassette - n/a

It has been fifty-six hard years since the events of The Machine Crusade. Following the death of Serena Butler, the bloodiest decades of the Jihad take place. Synchronized Worlds and Unallied Planets are liberated one by one, and at long last, after years of struggle, the human worlds begin to hope that the end of the centuries-long conflict with the thinking machines is finally in sight. Unfortunately, Omnius has one last, deadly card to play. In a last-ditch effort to destroy humankind, virulent plagues are let loose throughout the galaxy, decimating the populations of whole planets . . . and once again, the tide of the titanic struggle shifts against the warriors of the human race. At last, the war that has lasted many lifetimes will be decided in the apocalyptic Battle of Corrin. In the greatest battle in science fiction history, human and machine face off one last time. . . . And on the desert planet of Arrakis, the legendary Fremen of Dune become the feared fighting force to be discovered by Paul Muad'Dib in Frank Herbert's classic, Dune.

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